The Chapters

The following is a list of the chapters of Ancient Quest. I have provided these for you to show you what types of topics are covered in this book in regards to ancient civilization. The Prologue of the book, titled "Johnny Rawten Returns" provides the reader with some background of what has led up to Johnny's present situation. The Epilogue, titled "Johnny Fights for the Tiger," witnesses the end of the book and the outcome of Johnny's amazing journey.
Each chapter also comes with questions, which are all at the back of the book in the "Reader's Guide."

In this chapter, Johnny meets Buddha, at the zoo in a tiger cage no less. Buddha explains to Johnny why his life has gone so poorly and the cause for his present situation. Buddha then challenges Johnny to an adventure like no other, one that will give Johnny one more chance at time-traveling and one more chance at redemption.

Johnny begins his ancient quest in the Stone Age, an uncivilized and brutal place full of unpredictability. His first task will force him to help the neanderthals of the Stone Age not only develop fire, but control it.

Johnny's attempt at his second task brings him to Mesopotamia, right in the middle of a desert. The Mesopotamians are struggling to survive as they attempt to build the world's first civilization. The only thing standing in their way is their inability to grow crops in the desert. Johnny must help them figure out how to farm in the scorching heat of the Fertile Crescent.

As Johnny moves on to world number three, he finds himself in one of the most amazing places the world has ever seen: Ancient Egypt. Johnny is certain his task is to build a pyramid, one of the most well-known structures of the world. He gets to work and finishes it, but as time passes he realizes he was wrong and discovers that his real task is to mummify the Pharaoh Khufu.

Johnny heads to the land of the orient in chapter five. In Ancient China, he thinks his task might be to work on the Great Wall, but a vision from Buddha points him in the long and daunting direction of the Silk Road. Johnny must survive the Silk Road and make it to the end.

The people of ancient India desperately need help with their city. When Johnny arrives, he is anxious to get to work on his task. As time passes, he grows increasingly frustrated with the living conditions of this place. So, as he waits for his task, he decides to make some monumental changes, changes that will profoundly improve Mohenjo-Daro.

As Johnny enters ancient Greece, the mythical world of Mt. Olympus awaits him in the distance. He eyes the great mountain and readies himself for the climb of a lifetime. He will attempt to make it to the top, overcoming many obstacles along the way in an attempt to face off with Zeus at the peak.

This chapter brings a flood of memory back into Johnny's brain like no other place in this quest. Ancient Rome is the ancient world where Johnny first killed the Tiger. Now, as he returns to the dusty, blood soaked floor of the Colosseum, he takes on the role of Gladiator and must conquer the Colosseum.

At no point in his ancient quest does Johnny get this close to death. It surrounds him as he travels through the ravaged country side of Medieval Europe. A mysterious and lethal disease, which we know as the Bubonic Plague, has seemingly killed everyone in sight. Johnny knows the time is ticking and he must stop this disease soon, for if he falters, he could be next.

Johnny will fight for the Tiger with all he's got. But will it be enough?